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 Project 1.0v5

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PostSubject: Project 1.0v5   Project 1.0v5 I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 17, 2011 8:46 pm

"Shows Nametags."
"Shows distance to target."
"Shows target's health in digits."
Health Bars
"Shows target's health in visual bar."
Bounding Boxes
"Shows a box around the target"
Only Enemy ESP
"Shows only ESP on enemytargets"

Enemy ESP Color
"Choose your Enemy tag color."
Friend ESP Color
"Choose your Friendly tag color."

Player Chams
"Colours Players, also behind wall."
Weapon Chams
"Colours Weapons."
Explosives Chams
"Colours Explosives, also behind wall."

2D Radar
"Will show a radar just like the bf2 minimap."
- Draw Window
"Draws a window with the radar on top."
- Draw Outline
"Draws an outlinea round the radar."
- Draw Cross"
"Draws a cross on the radar."
- Clip to Window
"The dots will not draw outside the window."
- Show Dot
"Shows the dot of the localplayer(you)."

ASUS Wallhack
"Makes everything see-through."
Wireframe hack
"Makes everything drawn in wires."
Whitewalls hack
"Makes every building white."

No Fog
"This will remove all the fog."
No Sky
"This will remove the skydome."
No Sun Flare
"This will remove the sunflare."
No Static
"This will remove the staticity in tv modus."
No Smoke
"This will remove all the smoke."
No Hands
"This will remove YOUR player's hands."
No Scope overlays
"This will remove the black scope overlay when zoomed in."
No Armor overlays
"This will remove the black overlay in armor."
No Water
"This will remove all the water."

"Switch team (only visual)."
Force SquadLeader
"Make yourself squadleader."
Force Commander
"Make yourself commander."
Unlimited Supplies
"Removes waiting time between a supply drop."
Unlimited Artillery
"Removes waiting time between an artillery."

"This will automatically aim at the enemy."
- 10 Choosable bones
"Choose from 10 different spots to aim on."
- Auto Shoot
"This will automatically shoot on a target."
- Visibility Check
"This will check if the target is hittable."
- No Spread
"This will improve the accuracy of the weapon."
- No Weapon Overheat
"Pauses shooting when weapon almost overheats."

Minimap hack
"Shows enemy positions on the BF2 minimap."
"Go faster without modifying the controls.con."
Increase Viewdistance
"Choose from 4 viewdistance settings."
"Press the zoom hotkey fo rsuper zoom."
"Draws a crosshair in the middle of the screen."
"Changes your name to the name in the Project1.0.ini file.(changes back on game restart)"
"Draws the current time."
"Draws the current frames per seconds."

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Project 1.0v5
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